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Where Browns go from here to Fill Out Roster, Why the Calendar Plays an Important Role

The NFL Draft is over and teams are making moves. How the Cleveland Browns address their roster from here and why the calendar is so important.

With the NFL Draft now over, the Cleveland Browns are back to focusing on the roster through free agency, perhaps some potential trades. For the Browns, that means Jarvis Landry, Jadeveon Clowney, Baker Mayfield and players like Akiem Hicks.

The Browns and specifically general manager Andrew Berry seem comfortable with where the Baker Mayfield situation sits, willing to play the long game, even if everyone else is hoping for an immediate resolution. Day to day, he's out of sight and out of mind for the team, despite the fact it's something that needs to be done.

Even though it seemed like the Browns were trying to manufacture a market as everyone knew about trade talks with the Carolina Panthers, the way the draft played out at the quarterback position with a historically low amount of capital being spent on the position made it unlikely a deal would be consummated over the weekend.

Like with some of the decisions the Browns are going to make, teams may want to see what they have at rookie minicamp before heading back to the bargaining table regarding Mayfield.

Like defensive end, the Browns simply don't have enough on the defensive interior presently, especially when it comes to 2-gapping cloggers that can stop the run on early downs. That would allow the combination of Taven Bryan and Winfrey focus on using their athleticism to attack the quarterback.

Akiem Hicks is the best option still available on the free agent market. Injuries have diminished him two of the last three years, but he is still effective in that role with the potential to dominate. He also likely comes with a hefty price tag, at around $8 million for one year. The Browns might prefer not to pay so much for that position, but they may make an exception given the status of that group. They want to get to a point where they can have players to fulfill that role on rookie deals or cheaper veteran deals, allowing them to put more money on positions they deem more important.

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They aren't there yet.

There is more evidence they should sign two free agent options than there is reason to believe the combination of Jordan Elliott and Tommy Togiai are going to be ready to carry those roles.

Eddie Goldman and Zach Kerr are among the other options available that should also be cheaper, but aren't likely to be as effective. Maybe there will be a post June 1st cut that the Browns could target as well.

But like with Clowney, the rubber may not meet the road until June with any of these players. Hicks probably has no interest in anything mandatory until training camp, because the wear and tear on his body simply isn't worth it. The Browns will probably want to get a look at Logan and Perry in rookie camp before they proceed with other veteran options, even if it's only delaying the inevitable. They might get a deal done with one of these guys to get a look at them for the veteran minicamp ahead of summer vacation.

Should the Browns be able to find themselves with Garrett, Clowney and Hicks in the starting lineup in September, it would give the Browns a talented front line and enhance the potential of the depth they have assembled. If Hicks can have a productive season, it could enable Bryan and Winfrey to be put in the best position possible to make an impact.

The fact that the NFL Draft is over and there are deals being made might make it feel like the Browns should be move at a quicker pace, but the Browns are largely operating at the pace of the players.