How Much Would Jadeveon Clowney Help the Browns? Is He Worth the Effort?

The Cleveland Browns are once again interested in Jadeveon Clowney, so I asked former head coach Jim Mora Jr. what Clowney could do for the Browns and if he's worth the effort.
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The last, big move for the Cleveland Browns in free agency may be the signing of free agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. However, Clowney turned the Browns down last year despite a full court press. Former head coach Jim Mora Jr. weighs in on what Clowney could do for the Browns defense and whether he's worth the effort to sign.

Clowney continues to be tantalizing talent. He's shown the ability to completely take over games as he did with the Houston Texans in the playoffs, but there are stretches where he's virtually invisible.

For the Browns,  he could dominate the point of attack across from Myles Garrett, which could protect the second level of their defense, which is likely to be smaller and faster than it was in 2020. That is an attractive option and one of the aspect of J.J. Watt's game that made him so attractive when he was available.

Clowney can also collapse the pocket, which could help limit running room for mobile quarterbacks, which is basically all the top teams in the AFC have.

With Clowney, it's all about getting him to play up to his immense ability consistently. If the Browns can do that, he could be a game changer. If not, then he can be a solid but unspectacular player.

So much of a Clowney deal depends on what he would be getting. The Browns have found a way to be able to pay him as much as they think he's worth.

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