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For Pete's Sake - The Initial 2021 Cleveland Browns

In this week's episode of For Pete's Sake, we discuss the preseason finale against the Atlanta Falcons, the initial wave of cuts to get to 53 and where the Browns go from here.

On this week's episode of For Pete's Sake, I admit I'm a hope because of my ignorance with scotch before Nicole Chatham (@Browns_Babe) and I start talking about the preseason finale against the Atlanta Falcons and the roster.

The starting offense was clunky to say the least with the mishmash of starters in there, much of which did nothing that appeared beneficial. However, Baker Mayfield's last pass to KhaDarel Hodge was a thing of beauty, rolling to his left and putting it in a great spot for Hodge to make the reception.

Fortunately, none of them got hurt, so no harm, not foul. Still, the juice did not seem worth the squeeze.

We had the Browns 53 pegged on the offensive side of the ball, though Nicole was slightly more right than I was because I initially had Drew Forbes on mine only to see him suffer a major knee injury in the game.

Defensively, Jordan Elliott and Malik McDowell went a long way in making me feel better about the state of the defensive line. Those two dominated when they were in the game.

Clearly, the Browns are not done with their roster as they only have three defensive ends at the time of taping while they also have seven linebackers. There are a handful of players who appear possibilities to be put on injured reserve with the hope they come back later including linebackers Jacob Phillips and Tony Fields, plus combo defensive back M.J. Stewart.

We discuss some of the possibilities as to where the Browns go from here and the practice squad.

Near the end, Nicole expresses here disappointment in the media who asked some truly terrible questions of Malik McDowell and we discuss how they could've been better. 

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