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For Pete's Sake - Browns Bye Week

At 6-6 and on their bye, this week's episode of For Pete's Sake takes a look at the season to this point. From how we feel about the season to this point to the various issues that have come up along the way.

In this week's episode of For Pete's Sake, Nicole Chatham and I look at the big picture with the Cleveland Browns. At 6-6, how do we feel about the season to this point? What has not worked? What's to play for the remaining five regular season games?

It's disappointing to be 6-6, but given everything that has happened starting with the injury to quarterback Baker Mayfield week two of the season, but continuing with injuries and issues on the team that came to light.

Despite all of it, the NFL season and specifically the AFC conference have allowed the Browns to hang around. No one in the division looks great, so if the Browns can string some wins together, they can still make the postseason.

Even in the event they were to be eliminated after the rematch with the Ravens, head coach Kevin Stefanski is likely to approach the remaining four games with the same attitude, reinforcing his vision for this team. They preach going 1-0 every week and they aren't going to suddenly stop if they aren't viable for the playoffs.

I talk about the Browns results on defense and the volatility of results. This group has done a great job within the division, which provides reasons to feel good about their chances coming out of the bye.

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An unplanned but nevertheless entertaining venture had us talk about the wide receivers coming out in this year's NFL Draft. Nicole is passionate about Garrett Wilson of Ohio State, who is a terrific player. I raise concerns with his teammate Chris Olave and Nicole makes some valid points.

Whether it's Wilson, Alabama's Jameson Williams, USC's Drake London or Arkansas's Treylon Burks, the Browns could get an incredible talent that this team desperately needs at that position. I'm really partial to Burks, but would love to have Wilson.

This allows Nicole to remind me of another time she was right and I was wrong.

Once again, it seems as though general manager Andrew Berry has had the foresight to plan their needs around a class that is more than capable of addressing them. 

This is something that will come up a lot more after the season.

We got into a number of other topics about the Browns season thus far.

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