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Browns Jadeveon Clowney Goes to Locker Room with Ankle Injury

The Cleveland Browns may not have defensive end Jadeveon Clowney the rest of the way against the New York Jets as he hurt his ankle.
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While in pursuit of New York Jets quarterback Joe Flacco, Cleveland Browns defensive end Jadeveon Clowney fell down after twisting his right ankle. He hobbled off the field and is currently in the team locker room being evaluated, listed as questionable to return.

Clowney tried to turn a sharp corner going left in pursuit of the Jets veteran quarterback and his right appeared to twist which resulted in him going down. It was in the open field and he was untouched when it occurred.

After limping off the field, Clowney went straight into the medical tent where he appeared to be re-taped. He came out of the medical tent and tested it, trying to job and then run on it. CBS even reported that Clowney was likely to return to the game, but even when they showed him trying to run on it, he never got much speed and was grimacing the entire time.

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The Browns then went ahead and took Clowney back to the locker room where he is getting evaluated by team medical personnel. He is now being called questionable to return.

The Browns immediately put rookie seventh-round pick Isaiah Thomas into the game replacing him, but also swapped Myles Garrett to the right side to face off against rookie tackle Max Mitchell. Clowney had generated a sack fumble he was able to recover against Mitchell in the second quarter.

Garrett is now moving up and down the line depending on the situation in an effort to help them generate pressure and potentially hide the Browns rookie edge rusher. The team also has players like Chase Winovich and Alex Wright, which  have been used in the rotation on the edge.