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Austin Hooper Explains To Jim Rome Why He Chose The Browns

Cleveland Browns tight end Austin Hooper was a guest on The Jim Rome Show and explained why he chose the Browns and what he thinks about his new quarterback, Baker Mayfield.
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Along with offensive tackle Jack Conklin, Austin Hooper was a major signing for the Cleveland Browns this offseason, showing their early commitment to really finish their offense and put quarterback Baker Mayfield in the best to succeed.

Hooper went on The Jim Rome Show, explaining his decision to join the Browns.

The way Hooper describes it, the Browns had the total package when it came to what they could offer him. He describes liking Andrew Berry's approach as the team's general manager and vision to appreciating Kevin Stefanski's energy just on the phone. Hooper noted that he's played in a wide zone scheme under Kyle Shanahan his rookie season and believing that's a situation he can thrive.

Last, but not least, Hooper didn't shy away the financial aspect of the move.

"Between the system, the coach, the GM, you know, be real, the offer, all four of those things were lined up, so it was kind of a no brainer for me."

They also discussed his new quarterback. He spoke to Mayfield just before free agency started, but after signing, he went to work out with him and a number of other players for a few weeks at Mayfield's home, getting a feel for him.

"Later, once I signed, I went out to Austin, Texas for a couple weeks and stayed with him and trained with him everyday. Got to be around him and you know, his wife and his friends. See how he operates and how he really works.

I think he's gonna be a really good player, Jim. He's got a really live arm and I'm really excited."