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Browns Willing to Pay Mayfield Mid to High $30M Range?

Dan Graziano of ESPN, the Cleveland Browns remain open to extending Baker Mayfield. The deal would be slightly lower than Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills or Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys.

According to Dan Graziano of ESPN, the Cleveland Browns are open to extending their quarterback for a deal that would range in the mid to high $30 million per season.

Outside of poor assumptions that the Browns were not interested in extending Mayfield because the deal wasn't already done, the Browns have never waivered on Mayfield even as some fans and media wish they would.

However, when the two sides had talks to decide what neighborhoods the two sides are operating from, they may not have matched. Mayfield may have been hoping for a deal more in line with what Josh Allen got. It's also possible the Browns were offering five years when Mayfield's camp only wanted four.

The bottom line is there has been no point where the Browns have not viewed Mayfield as their guy. The rest is the details in what it would take to get a deal done. The 2021 season has been a mixed bag. On one hand, Mayfield has showed the ability to play at an extremely high level and he's played through an incredible amount of discomfort.

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On the other hand, there are some habits have returned that were present in the start of the 2020 season where he's trying to do too much, going for hero plays. Even with a torn labrum and two backup tackles, his play style didn't adapt and it resulted in a fractured humerus.

For his part, Mayfield has made it painfully clear how much he wants to remain in Cleveland. The key to getting a deal done will be with the understanding that Mayfield is not going to be paid more than the last contract extension done out of this bizarre notion of it being his turn. The Browns are going to do a deal that pays their quarterback well, but still enables them to be competitive within their salary cap structure.

The timing of this report coming out is also interesting. It's possible the two sides spoke during the mini-bye week, which is where the number came from. If the report is true and came from the Browns, they want the report out there. On one hand, it puts a little pressure on Mayfield to consider that kind of deal, but it also shows fans that he's not going to get Josh Allen or Dak Prescott money.

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