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Baker Mayfield Makes Instagram Post Amidst  Criticism

Amid a week of criticism after a poor performance against the Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield took to his Instagram.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, who has widely criticized after a poor performance on the road against the Minnesota Vikings, took to his Instagram account to make a statement.

Mayfield doesn't necessarily respond to the criticisms, including those who have declared him a bust, a failure or simply not the team's future at quarterback. Instead, he simply posts about how his career in football has always been about facing adversity and getting through it.

Mayfield was barely recruited coming out of college and walked on Texas Tech. He transferred and then walked on at Oklahoma, where he was the first ever walk on to win the Heisman Trophy. Mayfield was not highly regarded as a draft prospect his senior year and was ultimately selected first overall in 2018.

Even after a rookie season where he was co-offensive rookie of the year, he met with challenges as a sophomore where once again people insisted he was a bust or failure. Despite leading the team to the playoffs and having them within a drive of potentially going to the AFC Championship, he now once again finds critics quick to doubt him, trying to shovel dirt on his career.

Mayfield's post largely just recognizes the criticism out there and notes that he's dealt with it before and come through successfully and his approach now will be no different. His focus is winning and doing everything he can for his team and teammates.

The Browns face another tough game this week against the Los Angeles Chargers on the road.

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