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Baker Mayfield Posts Image of Quack Pushing Conspiracy Theories To Instagram

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield posted an image of debunked doctor and conspiracy theorist Dr. Stella Immanuel from his Instagram account.

Because there's no news source of record in the United States anymore, it's become a buffet of options on where one gets their news, information for what's going on in the world. Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield posted an image on Instagram of Dr. Stella Immanuel, suggesting she's being censored.

Immanuel has had videos circulated on the internet that were posted on the website Breitbart and mentioned by President Donald Trump. She has pushed the idea that hydroxychloroquine is if not the cure, part of the cure for COVID-19. That is something that has largely been debunked.

Worse, Immanuel has said the treatment being developed for the virus contains alien DNA and will cause people to stop being religious.

Mayfield has posted a lot of good stuff, supporting civil rights, arguing on behalf of a man named Julius Jones, who is currently on death row in Oklahoma, but this is reckless.

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The Browns have three players who have tested positive for COVID-19, including Jovante Moffett, Dontrell Hilliard and Jamie Gillan. Over 150,000 people have died from the virus just in the United States.

It's important that someone with as much influence as Mayfield isn't posting bad or wrong information, because there are people who will likely believe it. In this case, there are an increasing number of people who at least right now are saying they don't want to take a vaccine for COVID-19 when one is developed. That will obviously make it more difficult to achieve herd immunity.

This will undoubtedly be a question asked of Mayfield the next time he is made available to the media. And he should have to answer questions about this.