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Andrew Berry Follows Browns Guard Rails Building Family

The Cleveland Browns got an early addition to their draft class as general manager Andrew Berry and his wife Brittan welcomed child Eden Ruth to the world on the morning of the first day of the NFL Draft.
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Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry and his wife, Brittan, welcomed baby Eden Rush to the world on Thursday morning, the first day of the NFL Draft. Whether it's building a football team or his family, Berry seems to follow the guardrails set up within the organization.

Berry is always focusing on value and investing long term. Eden is going to be a part of the family organization forever and has all the potential in the world. The family front office also puts significant value on age and no prospect that will be selected today will be younger than Eden.

Often a cliché, Berry insists that Eden was the prospect they wanted the entire way and is ecstatic they were able to get her at this stage of the draft. He also noted that everyone knows him well enough that he won't get into contract details in this forum.

Extremely raw and with no experience to speak of, Eden is going to be a slow boil prospect that should pay off down the road. Just in the next year, she will double in size; a feat no other prospect selected in this year's NFL Draft can hope to match.

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Having addressed so many needs ahead of time, the Berrys were able to focus entirely on adding talent.

Team doctors will hopefully deliver the good news that Eden and Brittan are perfectly healthy and resting comfortable. Hopefully all three of them can get some sleep before this evening's events.

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