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Cleveland Browns Safety Sheldrick Redwine: Being Black in America is Tough

Social injustice is a big topic amongst everyone, a problem that needs fixed. Sheldrick Redwine shared some of his stories and offered some thoughts.

With many athletes and famous people using their platform to fight Social Injustice, it is nothing new seeing them speak out and offer there support. Actually, it is exactly what we need - the more the better in a sense. Some athletes can actually relate to the happenings in the world and there is no better time to share those stories that they have been through.

Browns safety Sheldrick Redwine will be in the mix to play this fall with the loss of rookie Grant Delpit, Redwine is in his second year after being selected in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Redwine recently met with media and was able to put a lot out there.

"I go to the store – I've got dreads and tattoos, I get followed around stores. I've had run-ins with the police where I felt like I've been treated unfairly. This is something that I've been passionate about my whole life because I've dealt with it my whole life."

Redwine shares the racial profiling he has been through. Just because of his appearance he has been looked at differently, as have many people who are not white around the country. It is flat out wrong that these people are profiled for those very reasons, it is sad reality though.

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"I'm just trying to find change. To be honest, it's a frustrating topic for a black man, living how we're living. It's something that has gone on for so long. There have been repetitive attempts to try and stop this and bring change. It seems like the way everything is structured is like resistance toward change. It's just about a consistent push on trying to make that change happen."

Browns safety went on to explain how tough it is to bring this change that many of us want to see. Not only that we want to see it, it is also the right thing to do. Redwine makes a point with “resistance toward change”, simply making a point that the resistance needs to be broke.

“This type of stuff, it holds a deep place in my heart. I love talking about it, expressing my feelings, because it's something I hold in, but I feel like it's like a relief to me just to talk about it."

Redwine gave some emotional feeling of what it is like to deal with this. Signaling that it is a relief just to be able to talk about stuff in these times. Cleveland head coach Kevin Stefanski said, “it was great to see guys sharing (their stories”. Adding, “it was great to see guys giving their perspective. This is an ongoing dialogue, this isn’t a one and done type of thing”.

The Browns are doing a bunch in the community to help fight social injustice, raising donations for Black Lives Matter and much more. Andrew Berry is where it all starts, a very smart well rounded person that has a great mindset through all of this. A person that has surely battled through some of these triumphs.