Callie Brownson Charged With Drunk Driving

The assistant coach who operates as Kevin Stefanski's Chief of Staff for the Cleveland Browns faces a charge stemming from an incident in Brunswick, Ohio. on May 27th.

As first reported by Mary Kay Cabot of, Cleveland Browns chief of staff Callie Brownson has been charged with drunk driving stemming from an incident in Brunswick on May 27th. Her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

Brownson has a date in Brunswick Mayoral court, but could also face penalty from the NFL under their personal conduct policy.

She was pulled over in Brunswick driving 55 in a 35 zone and tested over twice the legal limit.

Brownson made news when she was hired to be Kevin Stefanski's chief of staff last year, operating as one of only a handful of female coaches in the NFL.

Her story grew as in multiple games, she stepped up and filled in for coaches in various roles. When she filled in for Drew Petzing, the tight ends coach, who missed the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars for the birth of a child, Brownson became the first female position coach in NFL history, even if it was only for that game.

The pandemic forced Brownson to take action in other games at other positions including helping out with the wide receivers as well as the offensive line due to coaches being in the protocol.

Stefanski has praised her quite a bit for her work ethic and ability to keep him on schedule in addition to  being able to step up and help out in these various roles.

The Browns released a statement about the situation Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, the Browns have an OTA with media availability, so that will be the first time Stefanski is likely to address the situation.

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