Friday, the Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of Bob Quinn to be a senior consultant in their football operations department. Quinn previously served as the general manager of the Detroit Lions.

This isn't the first time the Browns have made a move like this with a former general manager. Previously, Berry hired former Indianapolis Colts general manager in a consultant role to help advise him.

On one hand, this is an opportunity for a former general manager to reinsert themselves into football and potentially get themselves back in the game for future jobs. On the other, the Browns add another voice with experience to their front office who might help safeguard against a future brain drain.

The fact Quinn is being hired in football ops is important. 

Kwesi Adofo Mensah, the current Vice President of football ops, is a name that is on the NFL radar for potential general manager openings. He interviewed with the Carolina Panthers for their GM vacancy this past season.

A former commodities trader, Mensah is brilliant in general and particularly excellent when it comes to the numbers aspect of front office management. He has been trying to improve when it comes to understanding the football side.

At some point, potentially the coming offseason, the Browns could see Mensah take a GM job, which would leave a void in their front office. Quinn may not become the VP of Football Ops, but could help the person the Browns hire to take over that position should he still be with the Browns.

This creates an environment where the Browns are not afraid to allow their personnel to pursue good opportunities elsewhere because they are insulating themselves from a major drop off in expertise.

The Browns are never afraid to continue to add skills to their front office, which has been valuable. To this point, the Grigson hire has been worthwhile and the team clearly sees where Quinn could do the same.

Interestingly enough, the Browns are hiring a former Lions general manager in an advisory role after the Lions hired former Browns general manager John Dorsey to work in an advisory role in their front office.

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