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Plenty of people would suggest to Myles Garrett that he simply get away from Cleveland in light of his suspension. Getting away from the noise, focusing on his own behavior away from cameras, questions and added scrutiny. The Cleveland Browns defensive end isn't doing that, instead continuing with his charity work, bringing attention to the work those charities are doing and not afraid to answer questions.

There are undoubtedly plenty of fans who are still upset with Garrett for his actions that resulted in a season-ending suspension. Garrett probably wouldn't blame them, but he's never been someone afraid to live his life or feeling the need to hide. Beyond the charity work, which is almost certainly something he committed to do before this incident happened, he's simply sticking by his word, willing to help others rather than protect himself.

It's also likely that Garrett wants to stay close in Cleveland, because he wants to support his teammates. Getting out of town might represent a vacation to teammates, even if they would understand why he'd do it, and he seems intent on staying to show his support.

For people who are fans of the Browns and Garrett, this probably isn't a surprise. He's always been very open to the community, willing to put himself out there and perform various acts of kindness, planned or in the moment. It also serves as a reminder that while Garrett's actions were awful and will stick with him, he's far more than that.

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Dee Haslam, one of the owners of the Browns, made news by wearing a hat with Garrett's number 95 on it in a show of support. This seems like an effort by Garrett to not only remind the organization why they support him, but continuing to support a community he's made his own.