Myles Garrett on how good Larry Ogunjobi can be

Pete Smith

There is a ton of excitement around the Cleveland Browns defensive line with Myles Garrett becoming a superstar and then the additions of Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson. Third year defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi in some respects feels somewhat left out in the discussion of that group and how much he can bring to the table.

When Garrett was asked about how much further does Ogunjobi have to go, Garrett said he's ready right now, that it's just about opportunity and being healthy, that he could be one of the most dominant nose tackles in the league. And given how good Ogunjobi was coming out of the gate last year, it's not difficult to believe it. Ogunjobi was dominant against the New Orleans Saints for example.

But the number of overtime games the Browns played and a non-existent rotation that had Ogunjobi played an insane amount of reps over the first half of the season, he wore down. He also suffered injuries, most notably a torn bicep, which he played through.

A responsible rotation should enable Ogunjobi to take a big step forward and maintain over the course of the season. It doesn't seem like a big challenge for new defensive coordinator Steve Wilks and defensive line coach Tosh Lopoi, but it's nevertheless a hugely important one, especially if this team has playoff aspirations.

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