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Jedrick Wills Wins NFL Rookie of the Week

Cleveland Browns rookie left tackle Jedrick Wills earned recognition from the NFL as their rookie of the week after his game against the Houston Texans.

Cleveland Browns rookie offensive tackle Jedrick Wills was named the NFL's Rookie of the Week for his performance against the Houston Texans.

Wills, who has been a pretty solid rookie, but has largely gone under the radar in this offensive class, gets some validation from the NFL as he continues to improve and contributes to one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

With two rookie quarterbacks playing well this season in Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals and Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers taking up most of the oxygen in the room when it comes to the rookies, plus players like Chase Claypool making spectacular plays on a weekly basis.

Even when there is talk about the offensive tackle class that was so impressive coming into the league, Mekhi Becton of the New York Jets receives a lot of attention because he's just so impressive physically and Tristan Wirfs has been great for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Wills has thrived as a pass protector in his rookie season. He's been reliable in protecting Mayfield's blind side with some occasional blips, but steady improvement over the course of the year. Wills has to continue to improve as a run blocker, but he's fit well within the Browns offensive scheme to this point.

It really wasn't an issue when the season started, but no one is really talking about the fact he had never played left tackle before this season anymore. He's simply a left tackle.

It's important to remember that as Wills earns this recognition, he's only 21 years old.