Joe Woods On Defensive Line: "I Feel Really Good About It"

New Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods had a conference call on Thursday with the local media and responded to questions about the team's defensive line headed into 2020.
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Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Joe Woods was on a conference call with the local media Thursday, answering a number of questions regarding the defensive line, including players on the roster and one that currently isn't. 

One of the first questions Woods was asked was about the availability of Jadeveon Clowney and his thoughts on the talented defensive lineman.

“Obviously, he has been a really good player in this league, a great pass rusher when he was in Houston in Seattle. Just really affects the game. To be honest with you, that is really a question you have to ask (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manger) Andrew (Berry). I read the articles, too. I see him linked to us, Tennessee and see all these teams. Really, right now, I am really focused on coaching the guys we have.”

Woods was asked about the defensive line as it currently stands, including the depth.

“I feel really good about it. Obviously, with (DE) Myles (Garrett), (DE) Olivier Vernon, (DT) Sheldon Richardson, the guys we have, (DT) Larry (Ogunjobi), the guys we added in the draft and (DT Andrew) Billings in free agency, I feel really good. I have been part of teams, going back to Denver and San Francisco, where everything started up front. With the guys that we have on our defense right now, I feel like we can really do some things in the run game and in the pass game with the guys that we currently have.”

Woods was asked about the mindset of Myles Garrett entering 2020. This is the first time he's been asked since Garrett was reinstated from his suspension.

“I think Myles has the right mindset in terms of wanting to be MVP and all of that, but we just need him to be the best payer for us that he can be, and whatever happens, happens. Right now, I think he is in a good place. I think as a young player in this league, you go through a lot of different things so I definitely think he is going to learn and grow from the situation that happened last year. We really have not talked about it after he got back and after he was reinstated. He is focused on getting better. He is focused on being a good teammate. He has been in the meetings. He is trying to step up and take more of a leadership role. I definitely think he is moving in the right direction and has the right mindset.”

Woods was asked about free agent acquisition Adrian Clayborn.

“He is a veteran player that has played multiple position so I think he has a lot of value because I feel like we can play him all three downs. I feel like we can play him outside and we can play him inside. Based on the conversations I have had with him, he wants to be that type of player. He just wants to help out wherever he can, and he does not care if he is playing outside or inside. I think he will be able to do multiple things for us.”

Last, but certainly not least, Woods was asked about Olivier Vernon, considering the rumors floating around.

“All of my conversations have been good with him. I get on the phone and talk to him personally. He is ready to go. We just had an honest conversation, and he has been great. He is 100 percent attendance, In all the meetings, he has been there and he is speaking up. I know he has done really well on his tests. He scored 100 percent on a lot of them. I just think for him, he really wants to just come back this year, play healthy and just show everybody what he is capable of doing. So far, he has been great.”

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