Kareem Hunt Pulled Over, Marijuana Found In The Car, Cited For Speeding


Kareem Hunt has had some rough patches, dating back to his high school days. And, quite frankly, one of them led to the Browns being able to pick him up after being cut by the Kansas City Chiefs a year ago.

Rumors are circulating that Hunt has been involved in another incident, this time with marijuana being found in a car he was driving. The car being registered to his mother, which he told police the marijuana was not his, but his brothers. The Browns running back was cited for a speeding ticket, of course.

With the new staff coming in, it could be very possible that they won’t deal with any negatives of Hunt, so he would be wise to limit his troubles to a speeding ticket.

This is an ongoing thing that the Browns will have to make a statement on if it grows any bigger, as other Cleveland Browns reporters are starting to share the news, including an actual police report from the incident. 

Being the player that he is, off-field antics can could be the only thing that stops him. We have seen it hurt careers before and this is another testament that Hunt needs to get it together. It will be interesting to see what is made of this ordeal.