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Baker Mayfield Playing Against Steelers "Absolutely" Possible

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield told members of the media that there is absolutely a possibility he could play against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In his media availability on Wednesday, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was optimistic about his chances of suiting up against the Pittsburgh Steelers, responding "Absolutely" to  the possibility of playing.

Mayfield likely would have played against the Denver Broncos had the Browns let him, but it's nevertheless notable that he is citing improvement a week and a half after breaking his humerus against the Arizona Cardinals.

This could be a complicated decision for head coach Kevin Stefanski depending on what is possible for Mayfield in terms of healing. The torn labrum isn't going to get better and as the inflammation in his shoulder goes down, the better range of motion he has.

The status of the bone may ultimately determine whether the Browns roll with Mayfield as opposed to Case Keenum.

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So much of this comes down to Mayfield's ability to adapt to his new reality. He cannot allow himself to take hits as the next could end his season. The Browns may have both Jedrick Wills and Jack Conklin back at tackle, which helps, but Mayfield has to get rid of the ball quicker. He cannot try to hold onto the ball for the sake of making a hero play.

If he can maintain that discipline, the Browns can feel better about his chances of playing. The Browns don't play until Sunday so perhaps he will improve further, but whenever Mayfield returns to the field, he must be decisive and get the ball out quickly.

It helps that Mayfield is playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers due to the fact that was the specified gameplan they went with in the playoffs. He executed it well and it helped to minimize the Steelers pass rush.

If Keenum plays another week, he will have to take a similar approach.

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