Browns Ryan Switzer Asking for Prayers for Infant Son, Christian, in the Hospital

Ryan Switzer, a member of the Cleveland Browns, is requesting prayers for his nine month old son, Chrisitan, who is in the hospital.
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Cleveland Browns wide receiver and punt returner Ryan Switzer is asking for prayers for his nine month old son, Christian, who is in the hospital. According to a tweet from Switzer, his son woke up in his own blood. His son is also positive for COVID-19 according to Switzer.

Switzer spent last season on the Browns practice squad for the Browns and signed a contract to a part of this team this offseason.

He's currently living out a nightmare that many parents or would be parents have worried about, which is having a baby during a pandemic. Even taking every precaution possible, there's still this fear of what if their child gets sick.

Switzer may be a member of the Browns with a platform that draws notice to this type of issue, but in this respect, every parent, especially those with young children can empathize with this awful situation. Like everyone else, these are parents just hoping to have a healthy child they could love and care for, suddenly experiencing the worst case scenario.

Hopefully everything works out and this proves to be a scare rather than something truly life changing both for the Switzers and their son. It's a reminder that despite the fact vaccines are becoming more prevalent, both in availability as well as application, that everyone still needs to do their part to make sure people aren't getting infected with what is still a dangerous illness.

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