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Steelers’ Mike Tomlin not Concerned With who Browns Starting Quarterback is

Mike Tomlin believes to have an idea of what the Browns will do on offense, no matter the quarterback he says.

As of right now it is not known who will be the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns on Sunday when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers. Baker Mayfield did not play last week, backup Case Keenum did. Also, Mayfield did not practice on Monday…

Wednesday is the Browns next practice which should give a good tell of who Sunday’s quarterback will be. Keenum made his first start with Cleveland ever last Thursday during the team’s 17-14 win over the Denver Broncos.

Keenum was 21-for-33 with 199 yards and a touchdown pass during that win. Though, it was obvious the passing offense seemed limited at times, limited to what Keenum could do. Either way it goes on Sunday with who is out there, Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin is preparing the same.

“They didn’t lose their personality at all. Solid, veteran quarterback who’s been a part of the program like Case has, provides that opportunity for them. So we’re not overly concerned right now with who their quarterback might be,” Tomlin said.

Nick Chubb did not play against the Broncos but the running game did not miss a beat. Cleveland’s third string running back D’Ernest Johnson ran for 146 yards as the primary back and carried it 22 times.

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“We’re looking at what it is they do collectively, their run game, their coordinated play-action and misdirection passing game and how they utilize all the people they distribute the ball to. There’s some big-time challenges in that way,” Tomlin explained.

Tomlin has a good idea of what the Browns will do no matter who is the quarterback. The only difference he fails to admit is that Mayfield just does it at a better rate. Perhaps he forgets the three touchdown passes that Mayfield tossed during Cleveland’s 48-37 win over the Steelers in the wild card last season.

Cleveland has a shot either way, no matter who the quarterback is. What they do will not change extremely and it looks like Nick Chubb and Jack Conklin could possibly return. 

Steelers recently defeated a backup quarterback in Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks, he may get his shot at Keenum. It is just a bit early to tell. 

Brandon Little is a writer for Sports Illustrated’s Browns Digest website and you can follow him on Twitter here. You can follow Browns Digest on Twitter as well here.