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TMZ Releases Video of Kareem Hunt Stop

The video of the traffic stop for Kareem Hunt that occurred in Rocky River last week by TMZ. The current Cleveland Browns running back incriminates himself on the tape and both the team and league will have to decide what happens next to the restricted free agent.

As TMZ is often able to do, they were able to get the video from Kareem Hunt's traffic stop that happened last week in Rocky River. This is Hunt's second devastating video recorded near Cleveland that TMZ has been able to find; the first being the hotel assault incident caught on security tape. In this, the current Cleveland Browns running back admits any number of things that wont make the team or the league happy, including the fact he admits he'd fail a drug test and he believes he should be playing for a Super Bowl right now as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

At the time of the arrest, Hunt was only ticketed for speeding despite the marijuana found in the car, blaming it on his brother. The video shows a cop doing Hunt a favor while scolding him for putting himself in this position.

Hunt, who then general manager John Dorsey signed after he was released by the Kansas City Chiefs for lying about the incident that occurred in a Cleveland hotel, signed him at a low risk, low cost contract in hopes of getting a tremendous player for nothing. Hunt was a nice addition to the Browns, but was never quite the stud that many believed he would be with the Browns.

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Now, the new front office which includes Andrew Berry, who just signed up for the general manager job on Monday, and head coach Kevin Stefanski, have to decide what they will do about Hunt, who at the very least will face some questions from the league. Hunt is scheduled to be a restricted free agent.