Who Is The Modern TEU? Miami or Stanford?

Pete Smith

TheMMQB's look at the modern 'U' for each position has arrived at tight end. Reid Fisher and Gary Gramling, looking at the last ten years of data, both of the top tight ends for the Cleveland Browns are represented. The newly signed Austin Hooper attended Stanford while David Njoku went to the University of Miami.

In one of the closer results thus far, the Cardinal finish ahead of the Hurricanes, who were barely able to edge out the Iowa Hawkeyes for second. Stanford has produced a handful of stars like Zack Ertz and hopefully for the Browns' sake, Hooper, but they just have been able to supply the NFL with tight ends that have an ability to stick around.

Njoku is actually the second most impactful tight end for the Hurricanes. Their case is almost entirely made by Jimmy Graham, having been an All-Pro and in the league for a decade. Njoku is second in starts over the past decade among players coming out of Coral Gables and is a former first round pick.

After a disappointing season in 2019, between a broken scaphoid that kept him out much of the season, a disconnect between him and the coaching staff, and some poor play, the Browns are hoping he bounces back and plays more like he did toward the end of 2018 and grow from there. Playing alongside Hooper should only increase the likelihood Njoku is successful.

At least for the time being, Hooper is highest paid tight end in the league and the Browns are counting on a major impact from him within Kevin Stefanski's offense. He is expected to help improve the running game and provide another dynamic playmaker in the passing game led by Baker Mayfield.