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Tom Brady has thrown touchdown passes to a handful of current and future Hall of Famers, including the likes of Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, and certainly Mike Evans at his current pace. Antonio Brown is another candidate, although, considering the downward spiral his career has endured lately, his chances are going down.

One Hall of Fame receiver Brady has not had the chance to play with, however, is Terrell Owens. Owens, 48 years old and already inducted into the Hall, would like to change that.

On the latest episode of his podcast, "Getcha Popcorn Ready," Owens made his pitch to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in an attempt to join the team for its 2021-22 playoff run in place of Brown, stating that he's "absolutely" capable of playing again. 

“At the end of the day, I know that I can do it,” Owens said. "When you think about this country and what it’s based off of, we are supposed to be a country of second, third, whatever chances. Look at the chances AB had … Who's to say that I can't go out there and do it?"

Owens shared that he reached out to the team to make his case, although it's unclear how seriously Tampa Bay took his inquiry. Given his age, it's safe to assume Owens got a "Thanks, but no thanks" type of response, if he even got one.

In that case, though, Owens offered a rebuttal.

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"If you think about where they are in the season, they don't need me for a 16-game season," Owens said. "Three to four games at the max. So, yes, I feel like I can go in, I can contribute at a high level and can be productive.”

This isn't the first time Owens has attempted to revive his career since he was released by his last NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks, during the 2012 preseason. Owens told Sports Illustrated in 2015 that he had worked out for several teams during the 2014 season, although a contract offer did not surface from any club.

Apparently, at least one team remains — ever so slightly — interested in his services.

"I've been working out the course of this entire season," Owens said on his podcast. "There was an owner that reached out to me at the beginning of the season and told me to keep myself in shape just in case anything happens, and I have done that."

Obviously, it isn't likely at all that Tampa Bay will consider signing Owens, even as the team deals with depth issues at receiver following Chris Godwin's season-ending knee injury and Brown seemingly quitting on the team last week.

But crazier things have happened... right?

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