Raiders Victory Lap 'Not Our Style,' Says Andy Reid

Tucker D. Franklin

Following the Las Vegas Raiders' stunning 40-32 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on October 11, the Raiders reportedly did something that got under the skin of Chiefs Kingdom — and apparently head coach Andy Reid.

According to a report from 41 Action News' Nick Jacobs, the Raiders asked the police escort to take them around Arrowhead Stadium for a victory lap after beating the Chiefs in Kansas City for the first time since 2012.

As Kansas City prepares to travel to Las Vegas and Allegiant Stadium for the first time, Reid was asked about the Raiders' reported "victory lap" in his first press conference of the week.

“Well, listen, they won the game, so they can do anything they want to do if they end up winning the game," Reid said. "That’s not our style, but we’ll get ourselves back, ready to play, and that’s where we’re at.”

Reid brought up the joyride again later in the press conference when he was asked if he'd given much thought to the idea of teams having an advantage or disadvantage in a rematch between divisional foes later in the year.

“I haven’t. I think they have, or they wouldn’t have driven the bus around the stadium," Reid said. "We don’t, we just try to get ourselves ready for the next team. It doesn’t matter if you play them once or twice, we just get ready to play them the best we possibly can.”

Las Vegas is tasked with taking on the Chiefs after their bye week for the third year in a row. In his career, Reid is 18-3 after a regular-season bye.

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was asked about the postgame activities after the game in his Monday meeting with the Las Vegas media. Gruden said he didn't think his actions were "bulletin board" material but were used in another way.

"You could find a smart-aleck bus driver in Kansas City who made some snide comments when we got on the bus," Gruden said. "Maybe that's why we drove around the stadium. It was to tick him off. You know, this is ridiculous. Next question."

This story about a bus ride now seems to be the latest chapter in one of the NFL's longest-lasting rivalries. Paired with the Raiders getting their second victory against the Chiefs in the teams' last 12 matchups, the rivalry appears to be alive and well as the Chiefs travel to the brand-new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday Night Football to avenge their loss from earlier in the year.

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