Peterson Goal: To Pass 'The GOAT' -Emmitt Smith

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Adrian Peterson has every reason to believe he can accomplish the impossible; at 35 years old and heading into his 14th NFL season, the now-Washington Football Team running back has been doing exactly that for years.

So why shouldn't the legendary back take aim at another legend?

“That’s one of the goals I set to myself when I entered the NFL, was to pass the GOAT,” Peterson told NFL Network, referring to Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing record. “I look forward to playing a couple more years, three or four more years, who knows, depending on how my body is feeling.”

AD playing until he's 39? And playing at a high-enough level to leap from his present statistical perch - Peterson has 14,216 career rushing yards and Dallas Cowboys icon Smith’s record sits at 18,355 - to up and over Emmitt?

It all seems unlikely.

But when AD talks about "four more years,'' it's clear he's done the math: Peterson needs to gain 4,140 more yards to pass Smith. Depending on Washington's usage of him - it would seem logical that he's destined to split time with other backs there - 1,000 yards a year sounds more "incredible'' than "ridiculous.''

Peterson, who is notable for his almost super-human ability to overcome serious injury, also said he has another goal that is even more important to him. Over the years when he was with the Minnesota Vikings, they were often competitive but never quite good enough ... so among the things he wants to accomplish is winning a Super Bowl.

“Winning a championship is the one I want most,” Peterson said.

Cowboys Nation would suggest that Washington goal is even less likely than AD's Emmitt-related goal. But to his credit, Peterson makes it fun to watch him try ... and has a habit of achieving dreams.

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AP has no chance of reaching either goals.


I live dallas,but A.P is a much better back than Emmet ever was,he only hold that record because he played behind a mountain of 5 men,the top 2 or 3 o-line of all time....Dont get me wrong he was tough as nails, and he had great balance,but 9 out 10 backs could ran for what he did,BARRY SANDERS HAD THAT LINE HE WOULDA EGG RUSHED 8- 9 YARDS A CARRY NO LESS THAN 2200 YEAR JUST RUSHING IT...BARRY WAS THE BEST OF THE BEST,EMMET WAS AVERAGE,A.P. GOOD....