Best Coast Cowboys Podcast: How Can McCarthy Get The Most From This Roster?

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - In the latest episode of the “Best Coast Boys” podcast, hosts Landon McCool and the Dallas Morning News’ John Owning discuss the hiring of Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff.

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After the pleasantries, the guys dive into their thoughts on the Mike McCarthy hire. Landon and John detail why they think McCarthy will be an upgrade over Jason Garrett as Cowboys head coach. John discusses how McCarthy can improve the offense, led by Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, while Landon touches on McCarthy’s humbleness to give up play-calling.

From there, the guys go position by position to look at each new member of the McCarthy’s coaching staff. They start with new ST coordinator John Fassel, who Landon and John think will be a major upgrade over Keith O’Quinn.

Then, the guys turn their attention to Kellen Moore. The guys mention how they are excited about the potential melding of McCarthy and Moore’s offensive philosophies. New QB coach (and old TE coach) Doug Nussmeier is next up, and the guys reveal why it makes sense even if the team had to jettison the well-liked Jon Kitna. Turning their attention to Adam Henry being hired as the WR coach, the guys detail why they’re not surprised about Sanjay Lal being fired but wonder whether Henry truly is an upgrade. Landon and John then detailed why they’re happy with Skip Peete being hired to once again coach the Cowboys RBs. Finishing up on offense, the guys give their thoughts on Lunda Wells as TE coach and Joe Philbin as OL coach.

Turning their attention toward defense, Landon reveals why he’s come to appreciate Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator while John details some of the potential scheme change that could come in effect. After that, John and Landon lavish praise on the Jim Tomsula hiring (as DL coach) with praise. The guys then question the Scott McCurely hire on account of the lack of information available on him. To finish the show, the guys discuss Maurice Linguist as DB coach, where John details why Linguist won him over.

A great companion piece for the Best Coast pod: The breakdown inside how McCarthy assembled all the above names.

The “Best Coast Boys” podcast will return soon to discuss the Cowboys offseason. Join us then, and above, now!