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Dak Ready to 'Unleash Himself' at Cowboys Camp

"We’re excited for this year. It’s going to be very, very special for us and for Cowboys fans.” - Dak.

FRISCO - Dak Prescott is about to unleash himself.

Imagine the frustration. The work that goes into excellence, and then five weeks of that work, being put into action to start the 2020 NFL season ... and then fate takes it all away.

We’re excited for this year'' says the Dallas Cowboys QB, looking forward in general - and specifically looking forward to this week's arrival in Oxnard for training camp. "It’s going to be very, very special for us and for Cowboys fans.”

The superstar quarterback, who signed his long-awaited four-year, $160 million  this offseason, has powered his way back from the devastating 2020 ankle injury that ruined his season - and doomed Dallas to a 6-10 finish.

Prescott is careful to note in our media visits that he's "buried'' the past, meaning that the gruesome ankle break and the grueling rehab is no longer on his mind. but the truth is, when he uses those three words to describe what is about to unfold - "very, very special'' - part of what fuels those words is his launch from injury and his launch from rehab.

Those things are part of what he knows can make 2021 "very, very special.”

It's not just about Prescott, of course. The Cowboys need to be better across the board to fulfill their promise, and to fulfill Dak's ambitions.

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“Improvement, a lot of improvement, obviously from last year to this year, but deeper than that from those first five games,” Prescott told NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth. “Take those first five games and just say we’re going to be better than that as a team. ... We approached the season the right way. We’re just excited. We’re excited that hopefully, we can stay healthy, we can get good fortune on that end. And we can just put everything we’ve worked hard for together on all stages and all phases of the game. ...

 "It’s going to be very, very special for us and for Cowboys fans.”

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There will be a test, of course, on the first practice in Oxnard on Thursday - a test of the ankle, that is, for even as Prescott says the issue is "buried,'' a lot of eyeballs and cameras will be trained on Dak's feet that day. And the tests will continue, leading up to and including the NFL's season-opener, Cowboys at Tampa Bay.

That is when Dak Prescott will truly "unleash'' himself. That is when the Cowboys will begin to know just how “special” he, and they, really are.