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Cowboys Backup to Dak Prescott? 'How About Cam Newton?' Says Analyst

If Cam is "the right guy'' to backup and help and mentor a younger QB, why didn't Belichick do that with him?

FRISCO - We have tried to make it clear in this space that while we might not have complete confidence in Cooper Rush as a No. 2 QB who can help the Dallas Cowboys win games - yes, even though he did it that once in Minnesota in 2021 - the Cowboys themselves do indeed have that confidence.

So why is the name "Cam Newton'' being attached to Dallas?

Our pals at "Blogging the Boys'' are suggesting the idea that Newton, a former MVP and three time Pro Bowl quarterback, be considered in place of Rush. (Sidebar: Unfortunately, in the world of aggregation in which we live, others have taken the BtB story and written that "Newton is being considered by the Cowboys.'' Which ... well ... he is not.)

The reasoning?

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“Stylistically speaking, Newton is a better fit to backup Dak Prescott than any other available options,'' BtB writes. "Newton’s size and physicality mirror that of Prescott without losing the mobility that make him a viable dual threat when necessary. Additionally, his wealth of experience in the NFL would provide for a less significant drop-off in the event he ever ended up actually playing.”

It is with great respect for BtB and for the fact that, hey, we're all just spit-ballin' on barstools and tossing out ideas here. But in this barstool debate, we've made some wrong assumptions and taken some grand leaps. For instance ...

*BtB writes: "The Cowboys have three candidates for the top backup spot on the roster. The leader is Cooper Rush ... Then there’s Will Grier, a former third-round pick who the team claimed on waivers during preseason cuts last year, and Ben DiNucci, a seventh-round pick from 2020 who started a game in his rookie year but was well behind where he needed to be.''

That's not really accurate. Indeed, the reporting of our Mike Fisher tells us that "some people in the building are no longer enamored with Grier and DiNucci.'' Fisher has also written that DiNucci might stay on as a practice-squadder because of head coach Mike McCarthy's affection for him, but that's about it.

*BtB writes of Newton's style of play being Dak-like. Newton, even at 33 years old, is a big, physical guy. But ask defensive coaches over the years about whether they "fear'' him as a passer and the answer is "no.''

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It would be a horrible thing if Dak Prescott as a passer would be anything "like Cam.''

*BtB writes of Newton's accomplishments. He has been a starter in all 11 of his NFL seasons. He has also led a team to the Super Bowl and won an MVP.

The problem with the logic of Cam's accomplishments: Again, as Fisher has reported, he would likely continue to view himself as starter-worthy, and would "compete'' for that job - which, in the eyes of the Cowboys, would do nothing to help Prescott.

Newton has, by the way, said publicly that he might be willing to accept a backup job. But the guy who knows him well, coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, didn't buy that. So Cam played for the Pats in the 2020 offseason, but when they drafted Mac Jones, Newton wasn't retained.

If he's "the right guy'' to backup and help and mentor a younger QB, why didn't Belichick do that with him?

This much is true about Cam Newton, even as he's failed to record wins (most recently back in Carolina) and even with his horrible Pro Football Focus ratings (the NFL's poorest): He would come into a game - mostly as a runner who scrambled and bulled for 12 rushing TDs in 2020 - and present an odd threat to a defense that wasn't prepared for him.

That is reason enough for us to "barstool'' a conversation about Cam Newton. But that is not reason enough for the Dallas Cowboys to actually join in.

Besides, when was the last time the Cowboys brass listened to anyone other than themselves about a potential roster move? Never. And why should they start now? They shouldn't.