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BREAKING: Cowboys Ex Aldon Smith Signs With Seahawks

The Seattle scoop on Cowboys ex Aldon Smith isn’t just about a Seahawks visit
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FRISCO - The Wednesday news about Aldon Smith regarding his visit to Seattle is actually a continuation of a flirtation that in mid-March actually produced a Seahawks contract proposal to the talented defensive lineman, sources tell

And now Smith has another offer ... and this time, a source tells, a deal.

That first arrangement fell through at the time due to what a source termed Smith’s “personal issues” - the same issues that caused his 2020 employer, the Dallas Cowboys, to all but close the door on his return.

Smith’s involvement with "issues'' in March at least temporarily sidetracked the continuation of his comeback, which started with Dallas a year ago after spending almost a half-decade out of football due to a series of behavior-related NFL suspensions.

We were also told in March that Smith wished to continue his football career. ... and reconnecting with Seattle is obviously an attempt to do that.

And now he’s got a one-year agreement in Seattle ... and another start-over chance.

Early on in Smith’s career, starting in San Francisco, he recorded 33.5 sacks during his first two seasons before a host of off-the-field concerns derailed his career.

Smith, 31, earned reinstatement last offseason and signed on a one-year deal to play for Dallas in 2020, where he participated in all 16 games and totaled five sacks.

At season's end, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, “It’s inspirational to see a man like Aldon Smith have the comeback here that he had. ... and we want him to build on it to the benefit of the Cowboys.”

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That comment has caused some media outlets to report that Dallas is still trying to bring back Smith, and it's caused other outlets to suggest that the recent signing of edge-rusher Tarell Basham is the reason Smith isn't a Cowboy. Those reports are wrong; people who know Smith are concerned about his "issues,'' not about him re-upping in Dallas (which the Cowboys do not plan on doing).

But Seattle, even with the obstacles, was interested enough to offer Smith a contract in March. And now, they have another offer ... and this time, a deal.

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