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ESPN Host Not Named Stephen A. Smith Attacks Cowboys ... And Their Fans

Pardon The Interruption's Michael Wilbon Went Scorched Earth on America's Team

Stephen A. Smith? Sure.

Skip Bayless? Yawn. We all too familiar with his schtick.

But Thursday afternoon, another TV talking head took dead, cold aim at the Dallas Cowboys.

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On ESPN's Pardon The Interruption's opening segment previewing the NFL's Cowboys-Buccaneers kickoff game, co-host Michael Wilbon unloaded in what sounded and felt like years of passionate anger for America's Team.

When asked by co-host Tony Kornheiser if he was more interested in watching Tom Brady and the Bucs or Dak Prescott and the Cowboys, Wilbon let loose ...

The Cowboys are a whisper. The Cowboys are now 100% hype. Because they haven’t done anything in a couple of decades. They either don’t get to the playoffs or, if they do, they play one game. They’ve made no runs deep in the postseason. They are not relevant by New Year’s Day. By mid-January the Cowboys are on vacay … they’re in Cancun. So I’m tired of the Cowboys. I know that everybody and every network – including this one – loads up on Cowboy conversation. But the Cowboys have been worthless. I’m not talking about their popularity. I’m talking about their ability to be a factor on the field. They’re nothing.

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Kornheiser then proceeded to dump fuel on Wilbon's anti-Cowboys fire.

I’m Dakked out. I can’t believe people talk about Dak Prescott at the expense of Tom Brady. (Brady) is the greatest quarterback in the history of football. This will be his 300th career start. He’s 230-69 and we’re talking about Dak Prescott?! I mean, come on, that is ridiculous!”

But Wilbon wasn't done, firing his last shots at not only the team, but also Cowboys fans.

When people say how great the Cowboys fans are … the Cowboys fans are whoever can find a bandwagon with their colors and a foam finger. They’re not great, they’re overrated. Their team is overrated. The statement of what their team is, is overrated. The nickname of “America’s Team” is preposterous and outdated. To Hell with the Cowboys. Just deliver me from the Cowboys already.

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In Wilbon's defense, since winning Super Bowl XXX in 1996 the Cowboys own a .520 winning percentage (208-192), 24 different starting quarterbacks, seven head coaches, four playoff wins and zero appearances in the NFC Championship Game, much less any whiffs of the Super Bowl.

A ground-breaking show introducing one-on-one sports debates when it launched in 2001, next month PTI will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Both former sportswriters at the Washington Post, Kornheiser and Wilbon are the show's original and and only full-time hosts.