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Cowboys' Jerry Jones Doubts Coach Mike McCarthy - But Insists QB Dak Prescott is 'Super'

Jerry's Ben Franklin-inspired point: The Dak goods far outweigh the Dak bads.

FRISCO - Whatever it is that is keeping the Dallas Cowboys from true Super Bowl contention - and coach Mike McCarthy obviously does not believe it's him - team owner Jerry Jones is confident it's not having Dak Prescott at quarterback.

"Yes, I do. I sure do,'' Jones said when asked on Friday if he believes Dak can lead his team to the Super Bowl. "Ben Franklin had a rule when he was down and low down and had setbacks. And he took all the positives on the left side of the page and listed them, and then all the negatives on the right.

"And if the left side was longer than the right, then he walked out with a spark in his step and a smile. If the other side was longer, then he drank all day ...''

Jerry's point: The Dak goods far outweigh the Dak bads.

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Jones also expressed belief not only in Prescott’s ability to win a Super Bowl, but also in the pieces that the Dallas front office (meaning, Jerry's wing of The Star) has put around the QB.

”The list starts with that he has shown every time he's ever gotten in a position, he's shown that he's a winner in football,'' Jones said of the six-year vet QB. "It's hard to pinpoint the skill that makes it happen. But Dak Prescott has the skill to make it happen. We've got skill players - (Ezekiel) Elliott has the skills to make it happen. We've got the offensive line talent to make it happen. We’ve just got to get it right and get it going in the right direction.”

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The "right direction'' could come with some changes in the coaching staff; Jones is unwilling to commit to any specific plan at this time, and that includes passing on the opportunity to endorse McCarthy's continued employment.

"I've got a lot to think about regarding these coaches,'' Jones said on Friday on 105.3 The Fan, clearly still steaming about the way the year ended.

But his $40 million APY quarterback? Jones believes he's the centerpiece to a champion.

Prescott has put up big regular-season numbers but is now 1-3 in the postseason following a Sunday first-round playoff loss to the underdog 49ers that has Jones in an irritated mood. ... except when it comes to that Benjamin Franklin-inspired Dak "spark.''

Said Jones: “I start right there with a big circle and a big plus (for the Cowboys') future: Dak Prescott.''