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Dez Bryant: Cowboys Should Help Dak Prescott, Hire ‘Head Coach’ Tony Romo

Bryant was on Twitter on Sunday reacting to a suggestion that his former quarterback, CBS analyst Romo, take over as Dallas’ offensive coordinator.

FRISCO - Everyone who pays attention to the Dallas Cowboys is searching for answers as to how “America’s Team” can become a championship team.

The former Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant believes he’s got that answer in that form of one coaching change would get them to the Super Bowl …

Hire “coach” Tony Romo.

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“I would have liked to win a Super Bowl with Romo on the field but I’m confident as ever if Romo was the OC for the Dallas with the defense they have,” Dez wrote on Twitter, “Dak will win the Super Bowl for the Cowboys.”

Bryant was on Twitter on Sunday reacting to a suggestion that his former quarterback, CBS analyst Romo, take over as Dallas’ offensive coordinator. 

Bryant responded in a way that - while misconstrued by some - voiced support both for the football IQ of Romo as a potential teacher and Prescott as a pupil in need of improvement.

He later suggested Romo should be the head coach.

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It’s a fanciful idea, of course. Romo presently makes $20 million a year working part-time as he and wife Candice raise their three little boys, a lifestyle that leaves him ample time for his love of golf.

Coaches don’t generally have that sort of setup.

“If you really want to keep it a buck … Dak needs to call up Romo and talk about how to read defenses so he can understand the D weaknesses on how to utilize his weapons in certain situations,” Bryant wrote. “If you know football you know I’m not bashing. It’s too much talent in Dallas for them not to be (still in the playoffs).”

Bryant’s suggestion isn’t happening. But it does lead to two legit subjects: 

One, Romo doesn’t have to be on the Cowboys payroll to guide Prescott, if both parties wanted that. 

And two, don’t Jerry Jones' Cowboys, from the presently beleaguered head coach Mike McCarthy on down, already employ an army of QB gurus?

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