ESPN Host Asks 'God' To Help Cowboys On Kyle Pitts - NFL Draft

Will The Almighty prevent the Cowboys from drafting Kyle Pitts?
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FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys have long boasted that the hole in the roof (at old Texas Stadium, and still maybe at AT&T Stadium) is there to allow God to watch His team.

Marcus Spears, now of ESPN, who also considers the Cowboys to be his team, hopes God is watching this upcoming 2021 NFL Draft. ... for the purpose of dissuading owner Jerry Jones and his staff from the drafting of Kyle Pitts.

“I hope to God,'' Spears recently said on TV, "(that) Kyle Pitts isn’t there at 10.''

But why not? One of the most talented prospects in this draft - and somebody the Cowboys might have in the top three or top five on their Big Board - is the Florida tight end Pitts, who has soared up draft boards this spring due to his size, athleticism, potential and Megatron measurables.

Because, Spears continued, "Dallas don’t need him. I understand the level of talent, and if he is there, it’s too enticing to not take that level of talent, but trying to solidify the defense with a corner (or) defensive lineman is needed.”

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Dallas drafts at No. 10, and as we've argued for so many years - and as Spears surely knows - "need'' is not what this should be about. It should be about talent.

That's why Oregon offensive lineman Penei Sewell is, similarly, in this conversation. Is O-line a desperate Dallas need? Not as desperate a need as exists at corner, where Patrick Surtain and Jaycee Horn figure as No. 10 candidates. But if Sewell is, say, the No. 4 guy on the Dallas board? And he's available at 10 ...

"Talent'' is bigger than "need.'' - Fish

Some think Pitts is the second-best player in this draft behind only Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, who figures to go No. 1 to Jacksonville. (And we believe he won't last anywhere near Dallas at 10.)

More than that though, the former Gator stands 6-foot-5, 245, runs in the 4.4-second range, and, according to every scout we talk to, should not be thought of as "just a tight end.''

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Spears is adamant that drafting for need over "B.A.A'' (best player available) is the more prudent route to take.

"If he’s sitting there at 10, it’s going to be hard as hell for the Dallas Cowboys or any team that already had a tight end to pass up that level of talent,'' he said. "I just pray he ain’t there. There has to be an emphasis more on need than talent.”

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