ESPN's Finebaum: Urban Meyer Couldn't Co-Exist With Cowboys' Jerry Jones Beyond One Game

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - ESPN's Paul Finebaum probably knows Jerry Jones only by reputation. But he surely knows Urban Meyer, and that's enough for him to label the idea of a marriage between the two, "One of the most hilarious things I've ever heard,'' Finebaum predicting that the relationship wouldn't last beyond one game.

From the flip side of Finebaum: I don't know Urban Meyer, except by reputation. And beyond the incredible won/loss record in college, there is what I believe is his willingness to worry less about "Right Kind of Guy'' than present coach Jason Garrett, there is "The Big Stage'' recognition in the coaching world of what the Dallas Cowboys represent, and most of all - and this is where I know something that Finebaum may not:

When in October Meyer first said that the Cowboys job was attractive and he would "absolutely" listen if Jerry Jones called, he wasn't just speaking randomly. He wasn't just fishing. He was reflected on contact with the Cowboys that he anticipated happening ... or that had already happened.

And indeed, while this week Jerry issued a weak denial of having interviewed "a coach in the NFL'' (Meyer works at Fox Sports and is presently neither a "coach'' or "in the NFL''), I can back up Jane Slater's initial report: The Cowboys have absolutely, in some form, touched base with Urban Meyer.

So Finebaum might be right in predicting how poorly it would work. But it's important to include in the prediction that Urban Meyer and the Jones family, to this point, don't think the connection or the concept is at all "hilarious.''

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