Jerry Jones Utters 'B---S---' On Live Radio; Is Urban Meyer Among The Cowboys' Reasons Why?

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - “Do you understand bullshit?” Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones angrily asked the hosts of his Friday radio appearance on 105.3 The Fan ... and then the line went dead.

Jones' use of profanity on live radio is not a first; in fact, he's used such language as a tool. He wants Cowboys Nation to know his level of morning-after anger.

Jones was spitting fire about his 6-7 team when we spoke to him late last night after a loss in Chicago and he was spitting profane fire here. Turns out, as The Fan program director Gavin Spittle jumped in to explain, Jones, hadn't hung up (or been hung-up on). The radio computer that monitors cussing (and keeps radio companies from being assessed massive fines) had detected multiple cusswords from Jones in a short time and therefore "dropped the call.''

But even Jones' opening exchange with "K and C Masterpiece'' reflected true anger (and a true desire to show it). Asked, "Are you embarrassed as an organization?”, Jerry responded, "Hey, get you damn act together yourself, OK? We’re gonna have a good visit this morning, but settle down just a little bit.''

Part of the "good visit'' included a discussion about talent around the football world. It was at that point when Jones issued his “Do you understand bullshit?” remark. 

And why? Again, 1) He's mad (including at himself, as he pointed blame at "the GM, that is, him). 2) He wants you to know he's mad. And 3) When he says, "Bullshit'' here, he's using it - I think - to explain why he's got to sometimes "BS'' rather than answer clearly and frankly.

When would that come into play? Oh, when being asked about "talent around the football world,'' meaning "coaching talent.'' Meaning, the Jones family has already begun its search for a 2020 replacement for lame-duck head coach Jason Garrett, but cannot address it openly at this time.

So they'll have to "bullshit'' their way through the issue in public.

As I've addressed here, the coaching search should start with the very best in the NFL - Belichick and Payton and the like. My respected colleague Jane Slater reports that college powerbroker Urban Meyer has already been contacted (in some form). The Cowboys cannot talk about any of this yet. What they can do is vent and admit, as Jones did, “We all feel like hell.''

And that's no bullshit.

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