Jimmy Johnson: Cowboys Nation Will Be 'Miserable' if Garrett is Retained For 2020

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys are almost surely around a month away from launching a public search for a replacement for head coach Jason Garrett. (A private search has already begun, right, Urban Meyer?) And even the iconic Jimmy Johnson is calling for a change from Garrett because of how "miserable'' everyone in Cowboys Nation would be if Garrett is retained for 2020.

"The negativity in Dallas and around the Cowboys right now (is such that) it would be miserable if he continues to be the head coach,'' Johnson said on Sunday's FOX pregame show. "Nobody would be happy, if he was the head coach a year from now.''

Johnson, the coach and co-architect of Dallas' dynastic teams of the 1990s, was careful to mention how much he likes Garrett ("We all do,'' he said) while also avoiding the trap of bashing owner Jerry Jones, with whom he is often at odds.

Johnson said the NFC East title is surely to come down to Week 16, Dallas at Philly, predicting, "The winner of that game to win the division.''

But he does not believe Dallas will be able to springboard to success from there.

"I think even if they win the division and even if they’re in the playoffs, I don’t see them winning a playoff game,'' Johnson said.

And who should be Garrett's replacement? We've started on a search list here (starting from the very top) and Jimmy has created a mini-profile of sorts.

"Somebody that’s new. who the people aren’t negative toward,'' Johnson said. "All the fans are negative. They want change. And I think Jerry listens to the fans.''