Maybe the Cowboys' shouldn't get rid of it's current coaching staff


Before getting too much deeper here, I would like to start by saying that you can direct all hate mail to the comments section or to @CowboysMaven or @ChrisSmithSport on twitter. The attitude that Cowboy fans typically have about  the Jason Garrett led coaching is understandable given the team's winning history isn't exactly being replicated under the former Troy Aikman backup. When viewing the staff as a whole however, it becomes obvious that blowing it up and starting over from scratch may not be the best option.

Four Quarterbacks 

Typically, young passers seem to have a higher rate of success when paired with a former NFL Quarterback at some level of the coaching staff. But in the case of Dallas Cowboys' fourth year franchise passer, Dak Prescott, he will have a former Quarterbacks at every level of the offensive coaching staff. Starting with the newly hired Quarterback Coach 


Jon Kitna 

Kitna played in the NFL for 14 seasons, seeing the field for an extended period of time in eight of them. With that experience, Kitna will be a valuable asset for Prescott in the same way that Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez were in Prescott's rookie of the year 2016 season. 

Kellen Moore 

Backup, friend, quarterback coach, and now offensive coordinator. Those are all of the roles that Kellen Moore has played for Prescott during their four seasons together in Dallas. Moore is a decorated college QB (the winning-est in NCAA history) and a backup to Tony Romo and Dak Prescott at the NFL level. People close to the situation believe that Moore can be the next in the recent run of young innovative offensive play callers. Time will tell if they are right.

Jason Garrett 

The man in charge of the Cowboys fortune's since he took over for a failing Wade Phillips at the beginning of the decade, Garrett, has been subject to the lions-share of the blame for the lack of Super-Bowl hardware in Dallas during his tenure. The general feeling around Dallas is that the team may need to part ways with it's head coach in order to take the next step towards championship glory. But, is that really the best way to go? 

The other side of the ball

In addition to the former QB's on staff, the team also employs other great assistants like Wide Receivers Coach Sanjay Lal, and Offensive Line Coach Marc Colombo who have proven indispensable; The offense isn't the only the side of the ball with coaches that could end up playing big parts of the team's success. There are some key coaches on the defensive side as well.

Rod Marinelli 

Marinelli, a coach with more than 40 years of experience, has coached the defensive line for several years and shares Defensive Coordinator duties with Kris Richard. The old ball coach has a long track record of getting the most effort out of his players, and this current group is the best on the defense. If Garrett is fired at season's end, Marinelli would likely be the hardest loss of all.


Kris Richard

Richard is a fairly new addition to the team, but his impact was felt instantly. Richard was promoted to Defensive Coordinator this season, and was nearly hired to be the Miami Dolphins Head Coach this offseason. Richard has played a key role in the improvement of the back end of the defense, turning what was the greatest weakness, into a strength. 

What's next?

The team has a big decision after the season? Do they sign on for more years of Garrett? Do they fire Garrett? Who replaces him? 

A way to make to make it work

The Cowboys coaching staff is littered with top of the line coaches that the team would be wise to retain if it wants to avoid a total rebuild. They could achieve that two ways, they could keep Garrett or they could fire Garrett and promote Kris Richard. In either scenario the majority of the standout assistants could be retained. To keep building on its young core and avoid a full scale rebuild, that much is paramount.