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NFL Trade Rumors: Atkins, Wolfe and Suh and DTs Worth a Cowboys Look?

NFL Trade Rumors: Atkins, Wolfe and Suh and DTs Worth a Cowboys Look? We put the candidates into three categories

FRISCO - The NFL trade deadline is today at 3 p.m. CT and a Dallas Cowboys source tells me, "We're still looking'' at potential deals on the heels of the Michael Bennett acquisition.

Here, we cover where Dallas is at in searching for safety help; there doesn't seem to be much on the front burner at this time. And what about defensive tackle, especially in the area of a 1-Tech guy - who, because Dallas loves its "traits,'' would have to also have "3-Tech traits''?

"We're still looking'' seems to be the appropriate catch phrase.

Said owner Jerry Jones in a Tuesday morning discussion with 105.3 The Fan: "Let’s say we have consideration in the mill. I mean we’re giving it a thought. This is when you do it. This is the deadline everybody needs to push back against and to that end anything is possible.”

Below, an assortment of gossiped-about names that I can put into three categories: Superstar mercenaries, lesser-known kids and happy vets ...


Geno Atkins (Bengals): This is still a primo name. But Atkins is 31 and comes at a primo price, with base salaries of $11 million in 2020, $12 million in 2021 and $13 million in 2022.

Ndamukong Suh (Bucs): Suh is at this point a mercenary, on a one-year deal in Tampa Bay and a guy who by reputation now sort of "turns it on" when it's an important game. He did that last year in the playoffs against the Cowboys ... but hasn't had many "important games'' in Tampa this season.

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With help from ...

Tyeler Davison (Falcons): He's a 27-year-old run-rstopper.

Beau Allen (Bucs): Also 27, also a run-stopper and he's making only $2 million.


Corey Peters (Cardinals): I'm making an assumption of "happiness'' here, as the 31-year-old has been in Arizona for half a decade. I know this: He's 6-3, 335, and he takes up space.

Derek Wolfe (Broncos): This situation I do have some insight into. Dallas might view him as a bit undersized. ... but he's a proven plugger. The Broncos, meanwhile, value the veteran Wolfe as a run-stopper and as a popular guy in the community. But Wolfe seems to understand he might be on the block today.

“I don’t want to go,'' said Wolfe, who is 29 and is in the final year of a deal that pays him an average of $9 million annually. "I want to retire a Bronco. Obviously, I want to win as well. I’m not going to ask for a trade. I’m loyal to this team. I’ll keep playing like we have a chance until we don’t.”

And the Cowboys will keep "looking'' ... maybe more at safety than at defensive tackle, but looking nonetheless ... until 3 p.m.