Skip Bayless, Odell Beckham Jr. and The Cowboys: Is There A Journalistic Connection Here?

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Skip Bayless has a helluva deal at FS1, and it's not just the envy-worthy $8-million annual salary. No, it's also the freedom to "report'' whatever he wishes, without research or repercussions - the "sexier'' the better. Therefore, I'm sure he'll get around to connecting two of the sexiest headliners in the NFL: The Dallas Cowboys and Odell Beckham Jr.

For now, Skip is pretending he has "sources'' whispering to him that Beckham desires to leave the Cleveland Browns (where the erratic star receiver admits to feeling "lost'') wishes to land with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Given that credible journalist Jay Glazer is reporting that Beckham has approached players on assorted other teams to issue "Come get me!'' pleas, it's certainly possible that OBJ has a Packers-related desire.

It's just that there is no way for Skip - who hasn't had an NFL source since Dexter Clinkscale played in Dallas - to have this knowledge.

How Bayless has missed out on the even sexier connection that exists on the internet between Beckham and the Cowboys, though, is the real mystery. Indeed, it may be the greatest proof of all of Bayless' lack of "connection.''

The highly-connected Charles Robinson of Yahoo drops a note here that mentions almost in passing Beckham and the Cowboys. Read it and note that Robinson doesn't scream silly clickbait about OBJ and Dallas; it is in the 14th and final paragraph of the column before the concept is mentioned, and contextually, it's not even about what the player wants - it's an expressed desire of people in Beckham's circle that the LSU product maybe move closer to his parents, who have Louisiana/Texas routs.

It's a story for another day as to whether Beckham wants that, to what the Browns think of all of this, and to what the Cowboys think of all of this. A quick thought is that his $14 million salary for 2020 and for three more seasons after that does not mess with Dallas and its plan with Amari Cooper. 

That "quick thought'' is of course more thought that Skip Bayless has really given any of this story, as he thrives in a world based not on research or repercussions but on ratings and revenue - an "entertainment-as-end-all'' mindset that doesn't have to be accepted by the rest of us, but should surely be acknowledged.