EAGLES UNFILTERED: Thor Nystrom Joins the Show to Discuss Draft Class

The lead college football analyst for NBC Sports Edge gives his take on the team's nine picks, the UDFA group, and Jalen Hurts

PHILADELPHIA – Thor Nystrom from NBC Sports Edge joins Eagles Unfiltered co-hosts Conor Myles and Ed Kracz for some Memorial Day Weekend Birds chatter.

Nystrom is the lead college football analyst for NBC Sports Edge. He has the Eagles’ draft class ranked seventh of the 32 teams.

Hear is reasons why.

Nystrom just didn’t like the draft class but thought GM Howie Roseman did well in putting together the undrafted group of free agents, including QB Jamie Newman and WR Trevon Grimes, both of whom he was surprised were not picked during the recent three-day draft.

Who was the greatest value pick the Eagles made?

Nystrom reveals that and throws a name right behind it who was close to being the greatest value pick.

He is particularly high on the selection of DeVonta Smith, who he had ranked as his second-best WR coming into the draft behind Ja’Marr Chase.

Each draft pick is dissected by Nystrom who also gives his take on the Eagles’ apparent decision to go with Jalen Hurts as QB1.

Nystrom also gives his opinion on last year’s first-round draft pick, Jalen Reagor.

Before going any further know this: Nystrom is not an Eagles fan in the slightest. He lives in Minnesota and is a fan of the Vikings.

Still, his insight is second to none.

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