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Jonathan Gannon Garnering Head Coach Interest From Several Teams

The Texans became the latest team to request an interview for their opening, becoming the third team to do so

PHILADELPHIA - Jonathan Gannon’s dance card is filling up quickly.

The Houston Texans are the latest team to request permission to interview the Eagles’ defensive coordinator who wrapped up his first season in Philadelphia on Sunday in Tampa when the Eagles were drummed out of the postseason by the Bucs, 31-15.

The Texans follow on the heels of the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings, organizations who have a history with Gannon and want to talk with him about becoming a head coach.

Gannon was the assistant defensive backs coach with the Vikings from 2014-17 and the organization still thinks very highly of him. 

Meanwhile, George Paton was the assistant GM in Minnesota when Gannon was there and is now the GM of the Broncos.

Gannon confirmed the Broncos’ request last week but said he remained focused on Tampa Bay with the playoffs looming.

“I’ll sit down with Howie (Roseman) and Nick (Sirianni) and we'll talk about that when the time comes,” Gannon said at the time.

Gannon, who put together the 10th ranked defense in the NFL in 2021 despite some significant personnel deficiencies, is ready to talk with other organizations although he’s not likely to be considered the favorite in any city just yet.

That said, Gannon’s three interview requests triple what his current boss got last year when Sirianni won over Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.

“I think he’d be awesome,” linebacker T.J. Edwards said on Monday during the players' cleanout day when asked about Gannon generating interest around the league. “I think he’s a guy who’s a great leader in terms of when he’s up there talking, you know exactly what he’s talking about. He gets his message across very clear. 

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"There’s a reasoning behind everything he’s saying. It’s not just words for nothing. He’s the head coach of our defense. He’s our leader every Sunday and he’s been awesome.”

Sirianni has also noted that Gannon is ready for the big chair.

“I really believe in Jonathan Gannon, the type of coach he is and the type of person he is. If I didn't, there would be no way he'd be in this building,” Sirianni said last week. “I have so much confidence in him and so much faith in him, and I believe in him in the job that he can do as a football coach.

“I think he'd be a great head football coach in the NFL. I just think he has all the intangibles, all the qualities that I think you need to be a good head football coach. Jonathan has those things.”

Sirianni noted he would be there to help his DC.

“Anything I can do to help him get ready, I will do because he deserves an opportunity,” the Eagles coach said.

First up for Gannon is Denver on Wednesday.

“The opportunity for him to get some interviews for head coaching jobs, definitely hats off to him and hope he can continue to thrive and do the things he wants to do,” safety Anthony Harris said on Monday. “From a player standpoint, working with it’s been a pleasure.”

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