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Malcolm Jenkins Reflects on Eagles Career, New Business Venture

Jenkins' fight for social justice reform hasn't stopped after retiring and talked about his time with the Eagles

The legacy of Malcolm Jenkins in the city of Philadelphia will never be forgotten.

This generation’s Brian Dawkins played the part of a hero off the field as much as he did on it.

Jenkins recently spoke to SI Fan Nation's Eagles Today about a new business venture. He is creating whiskey with ingredients sourced from black and brown farmers to continue his passionate fight for equality.

“It’s really simple," he said. "I really like whiskey. It’s a part of my life. Every year I do a fundraiser for a charity called bow ties and bourbon. Through that, I’ve come in contact with Rob Cassell and Millstone Spirits Group. Through that I had a very simple idea — I want to make my own spirit.”

“We had a really good idea. How can we impact other people [while creating this whiskey], especially people of color? So we are looking into making a craft spirit and in doing that we have an opportunity to think about quality over quantity.

"And when you’re thinking about the quality of ingredients, you’re thinking of those smaller farms that don’t do big mass productions but do high-quality grains that are better for the environment. Gave us a specific opportunity to target the black and brown farmers because those are the niche markets they’re serving in.”

Jenkins' devotion to sparking change and equality will never waiver despite having retired from football at the end of last season. 

The former Eagles Super Bowl champion also explained the feeling of signing with Philadelphia back in 2014. 

The fit between Jenkins and the Eagles appeared to fit like a glove, but the former safety says it wasn’t all that easy.

“It wasn’t an easy fit," he said. "It looked easy and I think the reason it looked easy was because, me being from the East Coast, I understand the egos of the fanbase and the spirit of the organization. It’s a blue-collar mentality that’s less flash and more smash. That is something that fit me.”

Jenkins said he wasn't at the high point of his career when he signed with the Eagles.

“[I] was rated the worst safety in the league," he said. "This was a prove-it deal for me. I made up my mind that if this was going to be my last contract on my last team then what do I want my legacy to be? It grounded me back to having fun playing the game.”

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Jenkins certainly had fun again.

He started all 86 games over six years with the Eagles and helped them win a Super Bowl in 2017.

“When I put on that Eagles uniform, it was me just really all expectations on the ground, and just having fun again" he said. "It changed my career. During the six years I did in Philly I had the most fun playing the game of football. 

"All the games, situations, and circumstances, are on the biggest stages. With the most hostile and invested fanbase in the world, I left with no regrets. That was something I’m always grateful for. The opportunity to play in Philadelphia. To play for the Eagles was something I didn’t plan or see my career going, but man did it mean the world to me.”

Rarely does a free agent in the NFL make such an impact on an organization the way Jenkins did for the Eagles during his tenure in Philadelphia. 

He felt as if he was an Eagle for life and his goal was to bring a championship to the city, which he accomplished during his fourth season with the team.

He said it was more the journey that he appreciated most, not necessarily simply winning the world championship, but "all the moments that led up to that finale and the pivotal points are really what you cherish. And to me, that’s what I loved the most. The journey that we are on.”

He had already won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints before coming to Philadelphia, and his conversations with his Eagles teammates about how to do that is one of his favorite memories.

“When I first got [to Philadelphia], I could only talk to them about what winning a Super Bowl would be like," he said. "I’m telling you, I already know the route. It’s going to go down Broad Street, there are going to be people everywhere, and you won’t even believe it. 

"To actually go on that journey with them, fulfilling it, being able to see [the parade], and bringing it to fruition, was my favorite part. Being able to watch my teammates experience what I’ve experienced before in New Orleans.” 

As for his business venture, if any farmer would like to get involved with Jenkins’ new whiskey project they’re encouraged to reach out to 

The entire interview for Jenkins can be found on Eagles Unfiltered wherever you get your podcasts.

Conor Myles covers the Philadelphia Eagles for SI Fan Nation's Eagle Today and co-hosts the Eagles Unfiltered Podcast on Bleav Podcast Network. Reach Conor at or Twitter: @ConorMylesSI