Pros and Cons to the Possible Return of Nick Foles to Eagles

When you make a list and check it twice, this is what the Eagles should do for their former backup

Eagles fans seemingly have a love-hate relationship with Nick Foles.

They love him for leading their beloved franchise to its first Super Bowl, with a magnificent three-game playoff run to cap the 2017 season. He beat Tom Brady in the process, otherwise, the Patriots would have won three Super Bowls in a row, then fans piled on Brady – and continue to do so – for showing poor sportsmanship in refusing to shake Foles’ hand after the backup quarterback vanquished him, 41-33, in Super Bowl LII.

Despite that, it seems like most Eagles fans would hate to have Foles rejoin their team in 2021, based on social media posts and radio gibber jabber.

Foles’ name has come up as one of the players who could return to Philadelphia if the Eagles trade Carson Wentz to Chicago.

The flame was fanned heavily on Super Bowl Sunday, with a report that the Bears were going to ship Foles, RB Tarik Cohen, and the 20th overall pick in the draft for Wentz. Cohen shot down the report, at least as far as him coming to Philly, on social media.

So, maybe the entire trade was an Eagles-driven concoction designed to drum up a bidding war with the Colts and other QB-needy teams, without an ounce of truth.

Still, it’s worth a look at some pros and cons to a possible third tour of duty for Foles in Philly.


Nick Foles wins in Philadelphia. He has a regular-season career record of 28-27. With the Eagles, he is 21-11, which means he is 7-16 elsewhere. Plus, he’s 4-2 in the playoffs. Some of that success was with Doug Pederson but also Chip Kelly.


The clamor to put Foles into a game by fans will be loud and lusty if Jalen Hurts stumbles over a stretch of time, and that could put a new coach in a bind as he tries to decide the best way forward.


Now 32, Foles would be ideal for Jalen Hurts, as a mentor and friend. Foles is as laid back as they come; Hurts is the same. Not only that but Hurts has the mental toughness to not feel threatened with such an accomplished quarterback behind him.


The locker room could be an issue. Foles was popular inside the players’ sanctuary – remember the little candle-shrine Chris Long built at Foles locker in 2017? – so veteran players who won a Super Bowl with him, such as Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, and Brandon Brooks to name a few, may prefer to have Foles lead them.


Foles won’t make waves to start. He will be content with whatever role new coach Nick Sirianni and his offensive coaches find for him.

That’s three pros and two cons, so you can tell which way my lean goes.

Foles makes more sense than not, and, unlike Josh McCown probably, still gives the Eagles a chance to win over an extended period of time should something happen to Hurts health-wise or if he struggles.

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