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Nick Sirianni is an Emotional Person Coaching an Emotional Game, So What?

The Eagles head coach talked about his outburst following the thriling win in Week 11
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Nick Sirianni is an emotional person coaching an emotional sport.

Earlier in the week, the Eagles head coach mentioned his Italian heritage and how people from that background tend to get emotional.

Your choice: take him or leave him.

It’s really that simple.

My advice: take him.

The guy has an 18-9 record since taking over last year as the head coach. With one more win, he can join every other head coach that owner Jeffrey Lurie has hired to record a 10-win season in their second year, joining Ray Rhodes, Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, and Doug Pederson.

That speaks volumes for Lurie and his hiring process, but also Sirianni.

Much has been made about him jumping on the bench after his team scored a thrilling, come-from-behind victory over the Colt, 17-16, in Indianapolis last week to move their record to an NFL-best 9-1.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts flipped Sirianni the game ball as they walked off the field, which made Sirianni get so emotional that he shed a few tears.

“It’s always cool something like that,” said Sirianni on Wednesday. “That meant a lot, that Jalen flipped me that ball right there and probably just the same way it meant a lot to Mr. Lurie when I flipped him the ball after the Houston game.”

“The relationship with Jalen, I just really appreciate the quarterback, head coach relationship that we have and how it’s grown over the last year and a half. We know more about each other, not only in football but in our personal lives, too, and that’s what’s so important to me in coaching and playing is the relationship you have and the connecting you have.”

Everyone knew going in the game against the Colts meant more than any other game because Colts owner Jim Irsay inexplicably fired head coach Frank Reich and replaced him with a never-been-a-coach-at-any-level in Jeff Saturday.

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Sirianni counts Reich among one of his favorite people, right up there with his dad and his former coach at Mont Union Larry Kehres.

The Eagles coach was heard yelling to the crowd gathered behind the bench. It was mostly an Eagles crowd, by the way.

“That (bleep) was for Frank Reich,” is what Sirianni was heard screaming.

“It is an emotional game,” said Sirianni. “I was yelling toward our fans. You probably saw that I was brought to tears, too, when I was coming off the field. I’ve always kind of been emotional, but that doesn’t mean…”

He didn’t finish that sentence but added, after a pause, “too much of anything is not a good thing.”

Frankly (Reich pun intended), emotions sometimes get the best of us all.

Sirianni let it happen to him, but so what?

He usually has interplay with fans after games on the road, usually thanking them for showing up.

“Me yelling to our fans after the game, whether I’m yelling to them after the Indy game or thanking them after the Houston game, or the Arizona game, I think the people who went to the game who are Eagles fans that are traveling to the game, I can show my appreciation to them on that,” he said. 

“Sometimes it’s, hey, I know everyone saw what I said this game, but the last couple games were hey, thanks so much you guys made this happen. Sometimes it’s fun to celebrate with the fans, but it is also that it is after the game.

"Do I sometimes get emotional during the game, of course, but I always want to limit that. Obviously, I don’t ever want to do that emotionally with the fan during the game.”

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