How Unique of a Prospect is Florida Tight End Kyle Pitts?

Former NFL and NCAA head coach Jim Mora Jr calls Pitts a "matchup nightmare." Here's what else he had to say about a player that several mock drafts has going to the Giants.
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Former NFL and College head coach Jim Mora Jr is no stranger to game planning against some of the game's best offensive threats.

 But in a recent interview with Zach Goodall of, Mora broke down some of the numerous traits he saw on film that he says makes Florida tight end Kyle Pitts, a draft prospect that's been mocked to the New York Giants, an absolute nightmare to game plan against given his size and all the things he does well.


"[Pitts is] a matchup nightmare," Mora told Goodall. "I was a defensive coordinator in the NFL for a long, long time, and when you were getting ready to game plan and you saw a guy like this on tape, you said, 'Oh my goodness, how are we gonna handle this guy? What type of athlete do we have on our defense that we can match up to a guy like Kyle Pitts?'"

Mora also reveals where he thinks Pitts might end up going in this year's draft and talks a bit about how the tight end position's value has quietly increased for offenses throughout the years.

Check out the complete interview with Jim Mora Jr in the video above for the full skinny on Kyle Pitts.

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