A Possible Giants Link Behind Safety Jamal Adams Contract Rumblings

Patricia Traina

We usually leave the reporting and analysis about the Jets to colleague Kristian Dyer of Jets Country.

But ESPN insider Jeff Darlington offered a possible angle behind Jets safety Jamal Adams' quest for a contract extension, and it involves a former Giants player.

During a SportsCenter appearance, Darlington theorized that Adams's increased sense of urgency for a new contract could be a result of a lesson he learned from his father George Adams' injury-shortened career.

George Adams was a first-round pick by the Giants in 1985 out of the University of Kentucky.

A 6-foot-1, 225-pound running back, the Giants selection of Adams wasn't a particularly popular one with Giants fans when it was announced because the Giants already had Rob Carpenter, Joe Morris, and Maurice Carthon on the roster. It was also widely thought that the Giants had other, more pressing needs that should have addressed with the first-round pick.

Still, with Adams headlining the Giants' 1985 draft class, there was much hope for the youngster.

After a respectable rookie season in which Adams rushed for 498 yards on 128 carries with two touchdowns, and caught 38 balls for 389 yards and two receiving touchdowns, a freak accident during a practice changed the course of the elder Adams' career.

Adams suffered a severe hip injury during a practice before the start of the 1986 season and was never the same physically after. Initially told by a doctor he'd never play football again, Adams returned for the 1987 season to play five more years, including two with the Patriots.

That career-altering injury, Darlington hypothesizes, could be why there is suddenly an increased sense of urgency by the younger Adams to get paid now since the future is so uncertain.

"Adams is very close to his father, (and) understands how quickly all of this can be taken away from you," Darlington said on SportsCenter.

"His father never really getting paid, never really making his money in his NFL career...something to just keep in mind as we evaluate why Adams has been so steadfast in his desire to get paid." 

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Too much of a trouble making diva!!! We have enough problems without adding another. This kid could wind up being another Beckham, without mental flareups.