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Joe Judge Thinking Long-term Regarding Looming NFL Trade Deadline

Will the Giants be sellers at the trade deadline? Head coach Joe Judge reveals his thoughts regarding that possibility.

The NFL trade deadline on November 2 is fast approaching. This week, telephone lines across the NFL are expected to heat up with activity as teams intensify discussions regarding potential deals.

Giants head coach Joe Judge said on Monday that while he anticipates the club will get some inquiries regarding his player, he's wouldn't indicate if any of those calls might lead to something more.

"Yeah, we'll see," he said. "It's a time of year when everyone starts making a lot of phone calls.  

"Sometimes people manufacture too much that the trade deadline and a lot of teams kind of, you know, rush to make final moves." 

The Giants are in sort of a weird spot regarding the trade deadline. They're coming off a win against Carolina, to where maybe logic warrants keeping the band together in hopes of the team pulling itself out of the hole it created for itself.  

At the same time, it would behoove the Giants, who are still several players away from being the kind of team they want to be, to look into getting something in return for players who are on the final year of their contract and who don't fit into Judge's long-term vision for the team.

Some of those players whose contracts end after this year and who might be challenging to re-sign given the projected cap space issues the giants are looking at for 2022 include safety Jabrill Peppers, tight end Evan Engram, edge Lorenzo Carter, and guard Will Hernandez.

Judge didn't sound like a coach who was reluctant to move on from guys who are of service today on the surface.

"I always think long-term, and sometimes long-term can result in a move," Judge said. "I've said this from the beginning: I'm not about taking shortcuts into anything. I've made it very clear in terms of my vision of the team and where I want to build it. It's being built for long-term success, and you know, I have a lot of faith in the people we have in this program right now. 

"But ultimately, you know, my vision always goes long-term. I'm always looking at not only what our depth chart is now, but what does it look like at the end of this year here? What does it look like two years from now? 

"So whether you're going through free agency, trade, or the draft, you're always looking down the road in terms of not where you are immediately, but where do you have to get to?" 

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