Where Daniel Jones Must Improve and How the Giants Can Help Him

So far, head coach Joe Judge has been of little help in providing a status update on second-year quarterback Daniel Jones--where he needs to improve, how his skill set will used in Jason Garrett's offense, etc. We have a few ideas though on all that and then some in our article and video.
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New Giants head coach Joe Judge likely knew the question about what he thought about quarterback Daniel Jones was going to be among the first asked.

But after a little more than a month on the job, Judge, who did admit to having evaluated all the players on the Giants roster "inside and out" wasn't biting as far as endorsing Jones or sharing any insight into their conclusions about Jones' first season.

"Trust me; we’ve analyzed everyone top to bottom, inside out. We’re getting to know everything we can possibly know about who we have on our roster, as well as every one we’re looking to bring in and join our roster as well," Judge told reporters at the combine last month.

"We have to build around everyone’s skillset. Yeah, you’re right that every position has to add to what you do schematically. But every position is going to be a competition every day. Every position."

For those wondering if the Giants are going to follow the Arizona Cardinals' lead from a year ago in which the Cardinals dumped quarterback Josh Rosen, the 10th overall pick, after just one season when they brought in a new head coach, that's unlikely to happen.

But what the Giants are going to do once league rules allow the coaching staff and players to work on football together is see where Jones is at regarding fixing some of the deficiencies in his game, which are mentioned in the video at the top of this page, and working on ways to ensure Jones, as the franchise quarterback moving forward, is put into a position to succeed.