Dan Campbell Reveals What Base Defense Lions Will Run

Dan Campbell appeared on SiriusXM radio and discussed the Detroit Lions defense.

New Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and head coach Dan Campbell are hoping that improved coaching can aid the roster, especially on defense. 

Glenn said at his introductory press conference that when he reviewed film of the Lions’ 2020 season, he noticeably observed that members of the roster could have performed better in different circumstances. 

Glenn is hoping to put the players in a position to succeed to avoid situations in which players would look confused.

“When you look at the players, I think Dan said it, that the players looked confused, I think with no confidence,” Glenn said. “What we have to do is change that narrative of their thinking so they can go out and play with confidence and play fast. What we’re going to do as a staff, that’s our No. 1 job, get the players playing fast, get them confident and let those guys let it loose. We don’t need a lot of thinking out there. We just want the guys to understand, ‘What’s my job? Where my eyes got to be, coach? And what do I got do? And they’re going to go out there and play fast and play with confidence.”

In a recent interview with SiriusXM radio, Campbell revealed that Detroit's defense will run a 3-4 base defense.

“Just our base defense, you know, we’re going to run a 3-4 style defense," Campbell said via USA Today's Lions Wire

Campbell explained further, “You can see Onwuzurike playing in a 4i or reduced down to a 3-technique and being able to two-gap at times, control defenders, hit the blocks but also take a side and get up the field as a pass rusher.”